Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things we learned in Toronto

I have learned many things on our trip.

We are a two hotel room family.

When they tell you not to take a stroller down the escalator they mean it. Pat and Ellie got stuck at the bottom followed quickly by Mom Carson and then Olivia. It was a five Rokochy pile up.

Torontonians are very friendly and also like to honk their horns a lot.

People in Ontario drink milk from bags not jugs and if you notice that at starbucks they know you are from out of town.
I am a mega overprotective mother that is awful in a crisis and likes to protect my family by over reacting to people fighting and nearby car accidents.

Rider fans are a million times crazier than blue jays fans.

Four year olds that need a nap don't care how much their blue jay ticket cost if they need a nap they are taking it!

I know I lack a lot of fashion sense but knee high rubber boots are stylish??? Who would have known that?

Who knows what else I may learn before we leave but I feel sorry for whoever is stuck in the seats by us on the plane tomorrow. I hope Ellie is in the mood to fly. We have to get up at 5am which is 3 am our time! Should be an intersting day.

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