Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello From TO

The circus has come to the big city. We have arrived in Toronto after a very long flight from Saskatoon, which can only be described as a three hour rodeo event called baby wrangling.Team baby wrangling is a two person tag team event which Patrick and I have been perfecting our skills at for the past decade. This flight however put our years of practice to the test. And if yesterday was the baby wrangling olympics then I'm afraid we fell extremely short of the podieum. By the end of the flight our family had annoyed most of the plane and had consumed every airline snack ever made. Two minutes befoe landing Ellie finally decided to nap. We had a great shuttle ride to our beautiful hotel. The bus driver was very entertaining answering Carson's endless questions and listening to his driving advice and comments like, "wow you almost crashed!". We went looking for somewhere to eat but gave up and took Mcdonalds back to the room. After a quick swim, it was lights out. We will see if Toronto is ready for us today!

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