Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Telemiracle 34 Olivia's school choir

Our family was so excited to hear that Olivia's school choir had been chosen to perform at Telemiracle 34 in Regina this weekend. We made a weekend out of it with Pat's Mom and Dad joining us from Foam Lake. The kids had a great time water sliding and visiting. We went out for supper with friends and learned that when you are going out to eat with a group of 12 which includes six kids you should consider a restaurant with a buffet or a play room.

Here we are at the show. Ellie was missing her morning nap so she took advantage of a snuggle with Grandpa!

Carson loves Telemiracle Teddy.
This was the best shot I got of Pat from the audience since he was hiding behind his sign and was on the phone for the entire hour. I don't think he is as comfortable on stage and with a camera as other members of the family but everyone at home spotted the "Innovation" green shirt and there were a few comments about his hairline. Great job Pat we are proud of you for volunteering and representing the CU!
Ellie woke up just when Dad was done his shift.
The choir led by the fabulous Celia Hammerton.

Their check presentation to Bob McGrath of Sesame Street Fame.

The kids sang a story with Bob. They sounded great and Olivia answered Bob's question about the story. No stage fright for her.

One of the other talented performers from Spiritwood and she was only 12 years old. Amazing.
Amazing Ukranian dancers from Saskatoon.

The Swift Current Kinsmen and Kinnettes.

Who needs a call? Swift Current and the Magic's very own Collin Powers.

Here are some shots from backstage. Friend and fellow photographer Greg Huzsar shot these for the Credit Union. Greg is the same photographer who shot our Today's Parent feature. He is a great guy!

Our local Kinsmen club has a unique fundraiser where they bring an ugly car to your house and you either keep it on your lawn and donate money and pass it on to someone else for a donation.

Only at the Rokochy house would you not only get a donation but invited in for a drink and asked to pose for a picture for the blog with kids who are ready for bed and in gotch! What good sports.

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Unknown said...

Congrats to Olivia! Looks like you had great fun and I am sure that is something your kids will remember forever! Telemiracle is such a great cause and it's nice to see people involving there young kids in it! Great job Corla and family!