Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy Moms Unite

Put up your hand if you're a busy Mom!! "Me" and you too I bet! Is there any other kind. Busy and mom go hand and hand like moody teenager, terrible two year old, chocolate chip cookies and milk, Mondays and coffee. Like your left shoe and your right shoe. If you come visit me at my studio today you will see these are the shoes I wore out of the house today. I threw them on to carry pieces of wood out to the van for the studio and forgot to change into my real shoes!
If you are a Mom it's a safe bet you are busy. If life isn't busy enough for you just try taking your little tyke to the grocery store, dentist or for a needle you quickly see how the simplest mundane task can take up half your day.

I recently picked up Kelsey from school for a dentist appointment. Since I was only a block from the sitters and Carson has been wanting to spend more time with me of late I decided I will swing by and pick the kids up early and then have an Ellie cuddle at the dentist. Wrong! I ended up chasing Ellie around the office and playing goalie to the "cavity free picture wall" as the two kids manhandled the display of pictures. Hey the Brick is next door to the dentist why don't I pop in there quickly and pay my bill. Sounds like a great plan. Now here is the dilemma do you leave your kids in the van locked and belted in happy with a DVD playing, the E brake on and the doors locked to run a one minute errand or do you drag them all in to the store. I have been burned in the past by escaping toddlers and run away vans so now I am in the drag them in the store camp. I pull Ellie out only to realize she has crapped her pants. I ended up changing her in the back of the minivan with a lone diaper I dug out from under the seat and wiped poo that was half way up her back with a stray sock from the back seat. That one went straight in the garbage as I can never find the match anyway.

That errand went a little better than the dentist so hey why not try one more while we are out and about. The mall is just across the way and I have pictures to pick up. Unload everyone again and into the shopping cart. The baby is the only one I want in there and she wants out. The four year old and six year old are jockeying for position inside and outside of the cart leading to screaming brothers and a swerving crazy woman pushing a wobbly wheeled cart across a bumpy parking lot with hair flying, purse dragging and receipts and gum wrappers falling out left and right. A quick pick up of pictures while the boys are distracted momentarily by the self serve photo kiosks and then back to the van. Ohh but wait here is a lady with a booth selling subscriptions to the magazine Prairies North. I love that magazine. Maybe I will stop for a moment to sign up for a subscription and we start chatting about photography and writing. I am sure I made a fabulous impression on her as the boys took off to the candy and pop machines by Safeway then made their way back to dig in my purse for coins and then ended up fighting on the floor over Ellie's toy which ended up launching into a nearby store and hitting someone who was standing at the till buying something. I was mortified and dragged Carson over to apologize. The customer and clerk held their mouths as they were laughing. This led Carson to believe he was funny and he refused to apologize so I left with all the kids in a huff only to get a call at home 10 minutes later that I had left the pictures at the mall on the magazine table. I am sure they will be calling me soon to start photographing and writing for their magazine!

These experiences lead me to believe that any mom is a busy mom because on haircut, one doctors appointment or one trip to the store can turn into a half a day ordeal which can take the other half of the day to recover from and may lead a husband to come home at the end of the day and say what happened here today? I thought you didn't have any big plans why is everything a disaster and you are crying in the corner.

Yesterday Ellie had her 12 month needles. Yes needles 3 of them. Good thing the Public Health Nurse is on the ball because I thought they were her 18 month needles since she is 18 months old but apparently somehow 12 months flew right on by without my noticing. Carson also got one needle so I had to think ahead to my parenting strategy of not telling him he was getting a needle and making him go first. He turned the color of a tomato and screamed his head off and then had no interest in watching his sweet little baby sister get jabbed three times in the arms and leg. I had brought earplugs for him because he insisted he didn't want to hear her scream and we couldn't locate Olivia's ipod earphones but the earplugs didn't cut it as Carson covered his ears and continued to wail. I on the other hand react with hysterical laughter in these situations.

During the developmental check for 12 months old they want to know can they use a spoon, say words, gesture etc. One question was if Ellie finds a pen will she make a scribbling motion on paper. Unfortunately yes and on the walls. But one better she loves to get a pen and my cell phone and pretend she is playing DS with her big brothers and sister. They need to update the developmental charts.

For those of you who like to play the who does the baby look like. Here is half of Carson and half of Ellie. I would say the look alike what do you think??
The store is also busy. Here are some new arrivals. Soother straps to keep the soother clean or a toy for the baby within their reach.

Grobags to keep baby warm and covered in bed without too many blankets in the crib.

New flowers for headbands and clips for little girl's hair.

New spring hats that my talented mom is making.

Here is to all the busy moms out there. Maybe we can meet in the park over Easter Break as we try desperately to keep our sanity!

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