Friday, May 8, 2009

Six months old.

Things have been moving right along at our house. Olivia's Brownies wrapped up the year with a family picnic and advancement ceremony. Olivia had a great time being a brownie this year. The cookie selling was a highlight of the year for me. Ellie just turned six months old and has learned to sit up and has two teeth!

When you are a stay at home mom who works from home, sometimes you get on the computer doing work and your three year old decides to make himself a snack. How about food coloring and cake sprinkles. Where would be the best place to eat your snack? Why not the front room behind a chair where you can also admire your art work on the walls.......Fabulous!

And when you aren't allowed to come downstairs after you have been tucked in I guess this is the next best thing!

I stopped in to visit my cousin on her farm. Carson was thrilled with the pigs and puppies.

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Jessica said...

love love the pitch fork photo!!