Friday, November 28, 2008

My Sister and Me

She is such a great baby. She is growing and changing all the time. The other day I noticed she had no hair on the top of her head. I thought, did she not used to have hair up there?? I actually had to go and look at her pictures and sure enough she did have hair. Where did it go? I don't know. The George Castanza look is in isn't it??
So far her nicknames include
L.L. Cool J
Ellie Bear
Ellie Gator
Sweetie Heart
Number Five or just Five (Just Kiddin)

No one was more thrilled we had a girl than Olivia. In the days leading up to her arrival Olivia was becoming more and more stressed out over the thought of having four brothers and being the only girl. She sings a song all the time " My sister and me my siter and me. We stick together like a dog and a flea."
I am already planning mother daughter shopping trips, ear piercings, picking out grad and wedding dresses! (Not getting ahead of myself at all.)

She takes after her mom......

Olivia went to the high school to a play with our next door neighbor. It was very fun and she felt special going out on a girl's date. Of course she had to get all dolled up.

The rest of the family went downtown to the Christmas tree lighting to see Santa and have some hot chocolate.

Zonked out on our bed after the play.

As you can see it's a busy place.

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