Friday, October 31, 2008

Introducing Ellie!!

My Girls
All the kids except Colton!

We are so thrilled that our beautiful little miracle baby Ellie Kimbi Dellene Rokochy has made it safely into the world. She was born with great ease on Oct 27th ( Her Cousin Carragen's 9th birthday!) at 3:15 in the morning. Her is a brief recap of the last few days......

Oct 31st-Happy Halloween. Miss Ellie Day 5- Not such a good sleep Ellie was up until 2:45 when Olivia decided to join the party and came to our room and barf!! Levi had a presentation (and got a 92 percent 2nd highest in the class) at school so Ellie went for a visit and Levi was proud to show her off!! Trick or Treating with the gang and our fabulous neighbors the Rumpels brought over Subway!

Oct 30th- Miss Ellie Day 4- The Woods Family came for a visit and brought supper and Ellie watched first Rider Game KAKAKAKA. Big Sister Kimbi came and met her namesake!

Oct 29th- Miss Ellie Day 3- Well this one was exciting! A great Day with little Ellie. We went to Central School for Pizza Day and Kelsey and Olivia got to show off their little sister to all their friends. Cappelles came for a visit and brought a great supper. About half an hour after supper we were at the Emergency room with Carson getting stitches. First time in 12 years of having kids for stitches. Hopefully the last trip to the Emergency Room.

Oct 28th-Miss Ellie Day 2- Our First Day Home with Ellie. They let us out of the hospital since I guess they think we know what we are doing! Grandma Vanna is here for a visit and to help with crowd control.

Oct 27th D Day- Just a quiet Sunday. We started at the rink with Kelsey's hockey and I thought we would just have a quiet night of watching Desperate Housewives and the Amazing Race. That was all interupted by contractions. We snuck out of the house at 1:30 to go to the hospital. They sent us home as I was hooked up to the monitor for 20 min and didn't register any contractions. I was only 2 cm. So Pat and I went back home and I am sure at this point he still thought I was faking it! By 2:00 the contractions started up more seriously and at 2:30 I said Ok we better go. We woke Levi up and he came up to our bed to keep an eye on things. By the time we were on Battleford Trail I was yelling at Pat to pull over so I could puke on the side of the road ( a bit of a role reversal!) Thank goodness it was the middle of the night and no one saw me barfing. The only thing we had in the van to barf in was an M+M reusable shopping bag (sorry Bruce). We made it to admitting at the hospital and went right up to labour and delivery. I barely made it from the bathroom to the bed and the nurse checked me and I was 8cm. She ran to call the dr. and I told Pat tell her to get back here and catch this kid. I asked the other nurse "Can I push?" Like her answer at this point would somehow make a difference to me. She said "No Wait for the Dr." Well I didn't listen and without sitting up or anything one push and there was a head. Pat was stading beside me in shock that two minutes after getting on the bed out came this little head with the cord wrapped twice around! One more push and out came little Ellie! I have spent more time pushing out a big old poop than this baby! I wish I would have had one of those Staples buttons I could have pushed "That was easy!"

Man did I feel like a wimp when they told me she was only 5 lbs 10oz. How could someone the size of me have such a little peanut and why did I gain 40 pounds if she was only 5. I was really hoping for a 30 lb baby! Luckily she is five days old and I am already back to my prepregnancy weight! (Come on I am so lying I am not Angelina Jollie!) As soon as all of these Halloween treats are gone Pat and I are both planning on getting back to our prepregnancy weights!

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