Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Morning

monday mornings
good morning sleepy heads
time to get up
mom where r my jeans
mom its dress up day i need to dress from a specific decade
where is my old dance costume poodle skirt
thats two years old it will never fit
just be a hippy
sign agenda
pack your lunch
wake up your brother
wake him up again
Leviiiiiii get up!
 where are your winter boots
why did you leave them at school
I have homework need to interview someone
where are my library books
my recorder
missed the bus
need a ride
need $5 for hot lunch
can i get a book from the book order
did you remember to  bring your stuff for swimming after school
i love you be a good student make good choices
have a great day your ride is here
love you too.....

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