Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey there Sexy!

I left my house today to meet girlfriends for coffee I realized I was wearing my husband's black socks, his belt, his Bronco hockey hoodie, his gloves, and his hiking boots that I often throw on when leaving the house carrying a squirmy one year old they are just so easy to slip on. To all you single ladies looking for love this Valentine's Day may I suggest adding a new category to your "What to look for in a Man list" Most lists already include smart, funny, successful, confident, great looking... but what I think you should consider adding is to find a man the same size as you. That way you get the man of your dreams but also double your wardrobe. I love wearing my husband's clothes. I have a dream of getting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes so for the meantime I have nothing to wear and his clothes, shoes, belts, are all comfy and sometimes smell yummy like him! Nothing the man has is off limits as I even borrow his briefs on special occasions when I am dressing up and my tights tend to sag down to my knees so I have invented the men's briefs over the tights to keep them up and I don't have to spend the entire evening hiking and tugging at my hosiery.

The added bonus of wardrobe stealing is most guys find it cute or sexy for their girlfriends or wives to wear their stuff. It is a long tradition to give your girl your class ring or Letterman's jacket. This Valentine's Day what could be sexier than your gal with only a pair of your flannel boxers or your pj top undone. When I do boudoir portraits girls sneak their husband's shirt and tie, hockey jersey, uniform from work. So I ask you then why the double standard? If I woke up one morning and found my hubby strutting his stuff with his boys stuffed into a pair of my pink lacy undergarments I would not find that sexy. There are "boyfriend style" jeans but have you ever seen a pair of "girlfriend" trousers? Groomsmen at weddings are found to be chivalrous when offering their suit jacket to the bridesmaids but how we he look in her chiffon wrap? For one I vote for keeping my side of the closet to me and he side of the closet to me too! Thanks Hunny! We are a perfect match!

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