Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Brand New School! Centennial School

Our very first day at the new school and our first school picture without Levi as he is off studying Education at the University of Regina!  With staggered entrance this year only Olivia and Kelsey were starting on the first day but everyone got up for the occasion.  

The usual line up on the first day.

I asked Ellie to switch with Carson so it went in age but she wasn't having it.

I think we may have woke up the neighborhood.  

Photobomb.  Off to the bus!

Many friendly and familiar faces were waiting to greet us at the school.  

The school is beautiful.  The kids were so excited!

Muffin Morning.  We managed to get chocolate chips right up to the eyebrows!  They were yummy!

Found our classrooms even though it was a day early.  I think Ellie is going to have a HOOT!


This time it was the little ones turn to get on the school bus!  Ellie was much more cooperative this time!

Thanks to everyone for all their hard work and dedication getting the school ready.  Sweat, tears, even fire and smoke and it was ready on time and amazing!  We are really looking forward to the year ahead and many new memories that the kids will create at Centennial!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014-Levi's Growing Up!

I am working on my Levi's team hockey pictures.  A simple enough task, but this will be his last year in minor hockey!  We have spent a lot of great times in rinks and with amazing coaches and volunteers in Davidson, Strasbourg, Gravelbourg and here in Swift.  It has been an amazing experience.  After watching his Midget hockey tournament this weekend I think they need to sell Valium at the booth along with hot chocolate.  I love being a hockey parent and Pat has always enjoyed being involved with coaching and tournament organizing.  It has been a great way to get to more about Levi and his friends.

See how happy he is to have his Mommy taking his picture!

I think he is about 6'6" on skates and when he tries to hug me to bribe me into getting him a Gatorade and Twix bar in the lobby I feel pretty tiny.  When we lived in Strasbourg he went to the booth with $1 and came back with a burger fries, and a drink.  We still don't know how he managed it but even at 4 years old he had the gift of the gab and persuasion on his side.  !
 Here he is as a Strasbourg Maroon!  I do have one earlier picture from Davidson when he was 3 but I am going to have to dig to find that one.  The Davidson team was very strong and I believe they were 7 and under so when they got way ahead in the score they would throw the 3 year old on the ice and he would mostly wave at the crowd.
 This year Levi will graduate from Grade 12.  I feel bad that I have done such a bad job of blogging lately.  I share so much on Facebook but will not have a hard copy like I do from blogging.  I print a hardcover book ever 100 posts.  So I am going to try and do a better job!

Here is Levi on his first day of Kindergarden.  I remember walking him to school every day and giving him a kiss goodbye in the boot room.  I wanted to see how long it would last before he told me I couldn't kiss him goodbye any more.  It was grade 1when I finally go the cold shoulder!
 A picture with Dad! Two pretty handsome guys!
 He was excited to start school!  I was 6 months pregnant with Olivia here!  I tried to recreate these pictures at the beginning of this year but I would have had to papparazzi style sneak up to the parking lot of the Comp where they all hang out.  I vow to get a picture of the Comp sign with Levi on Grad Day with big double "#1s!"  You will always be our #1 Big Boy Levi!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


The day has finally arrived for our fifth and final child to head of on the bus to school!  She was so excited and so were we.

 She actually let me brush and curl her hair which was miraculous because she usually screams at the top of her lungs when I do that.  But as things were going smoothly upstairs the boys were downstairs trying to break into a can of soup with a butter knife. 
 Posing for a picture for Mom. 
 Looks like she put in a dip!
 And away we go. 

 Her bodyguards have her by the hand with the security adviser trailing behind on the lookout for boyfriends. 

 The reason there were no tears was because we went to the bus stop early and by the time the bus got there Pat and I were high fiving and Car was praying for the bus to come!!
 The teenager was even up and at it early!!
 This picture sums up how excited she was!
 Hello bus!

 Back again!

 She floated home.  Her feet didn't even touch the ground!